Wednesday, April 16, 2014


It has been a few weeks or so since I have updated you all on my total money makeover debt journey.Well it pains me to think and type that not much has changed. I even feel a little stagnant at the moment.I am still saving my emergency fund, so I haven't been able to work on the debt snowball yet. I cannot wait to get to this point. I am in the process of renegotiating my student loan payment. Let me just say that this process is really getting on my last nerves. In one of my previous blog posts, I discussed how my living expenses exceeded the suggested 40% of my take home income. I do believe I am at a  STRONG 54% within my living expenses; which is RIDICULOUS. So my main focus was and still is to increase my income. Well I have been doing that. I work regular overtime and donate plasma to the plasma bank when I am not too exhausted from work. My job does not have guaranteed overtime hours, so some weeks it is hard for me to figure out just how much I am going to make. My budget can be extremely exhausting at times not having a consistent amount that I am going to bring in every month and or week. I try to budget every week, but these last three weeks have been pure slop. I have been so sloppy with my budgeting and spending that is ridiculous. I didn't budget the last two weeks, because I was working so much overtime and I tried to balance that with filming my youtube vlogs and blogging. If you notice I have been slacking on the blogging.I know that I should probably fill out Dave Ramsey's budgeting irregular income sheets vs the budgeting regular income sheets. Maybe that will help with some of the frustration. I made my own last month and it was torture

I also had been applying for jobs; all of which pretty much rejected my application to move foward with an interview process. Is it me or am I the only one who is scared to put my salary requirements of  40K or more on the application? I don't think that made much of a difference in the rejection process, but I just wanted to point out that it frightens me. I had to consult with two of my close friends before I was even confident enough to put my salary requirements on my application. This is nonsense I have a bachelor's degree and I am not even being considered. I am grateful that I have a job; but from a financial perspective I would really love to kick and scream. I would like to throw an even bigger temper tantrum than a spoiled 6 year old does in the grocery aisle after their mother says  that they will not be getting another package of candy after they just had 3 packages of lifesavers.  YES, I WANT TO THROW A 29 YEAR OLD TEMPER TANTRUM BECAUSE OF MY UNCERTAINTY IN TAKE HOME INCOME. I think I was so disappointed about those jobs rejecting me and having to work so much constant overtime just to stay afloat; that I subconsciously neglected my financial duties.

I also have been spending a lot of money on eating out. This past week I spent at least $50 on eating out and some cosmetics. I  really don't have an explanation. I wanted to eat something other than what I usually prepare and I wanted some new makeup. I purchased the cosmetics from the Dollar General so it was not terribly expensive, however I did not budget for these items. I also did not pay my full tithes this week or last week, so I feel extremely guilty. Tithing should always be the first priority and I did not make that a priority the last two weeks. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to complete my First Fruit offering. I only gave a small portion of it. I challenged myself to give all of it the month of April; but it won't be happening due to my budgeting negligence. I am not used to tithing and sometimes I feel angry that I not left with anything for myself after paying all my bills. I feel guilty sharing this because the Bible says we should be CHEERFUL GIVERS. I really am working on this, but I think its okay to be HONEST during this journey. I am sure I won't always feel this way. Years from now I will look back on this blog post and say, "WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE I USE TO FEEL LIKE THAT."  I long for those days. I also find it extremely hard not to shop for clothes and makeup when my job is to be a style and beauty influencer. I am feeling like I should I start a business account for these purchases and set a budget aside for these expenses, because I am not sure how I can really go on like this.

I still have to go grocery shopping this week and I going to try to stick to my $25 dollar budget. I guess I better get real creative with rice beans because that is what I will be having all week. I'll figure something out I always do. Last week I made an Afro-Caribbean stew inspired dish and a Qdoba rice bowl dish, so I will need to figure out something creative for this week. I can eat just about any rice and bean dish as long as cornbread is in the equation. Not to mention I am of Haitian decent; that is what I grew up on, so I need to get with the program QUICK.

I tried to budget a little yesterday, but it surely did compete with other things I had going on. I totally realized that I would be short again and would have to take that out of my back tithing that I had sat aside...THIS IS SO ANNOYING that I honestly have to quit this blog post. LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Prom season is finally here in full effect. I know just how frustrating it can be to figure out what you will wear, how you will style your hair, and how to apply your makeup. I may not be able to go dress shopping with you or style your hair, but I can certainly provide inspiration for your makeup on this special day. Purchasing a dress, and getting your hair done can add up very quickly and can be a heavy burden to the wallet of a teenager. Finding ways to cut down your prom expenses can start with doing your own makeup. I used very affordable products in this video tutorial; most of which can be found at your local drugstores. To successfully create this look you will need a variety of matte shades and shimmery shades. You can choose to use what you already have in your collection or purchase some or all of the products listed below to achieve this look. I hope you ladies enjoy. Please let me know if I can be of any other assistance in this stage of getting ready for your prom experience.
Products used: Hard Candy: Sheer Face Primer Revlon: Nearly Naked, 290 Cappuccino Sonja Kashuk: Eye on Neutral Palette Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: Cafe Cafe Milani Face Powder: Dark Tan Ben Nye: Translucent Face Powder, Sienna Urban Decay: Primer Potion (but feel free to use Milani eyeshadow primer as a budget friendly substitute or whatever you may already have) Wet n' Wild: Comfort Zone Palette Wet n' Wild: Cloud Nine Palette Hard Candy: So Baked Bronzer, Tiki Jordana: Fabuliner L'oreal: Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara L'oreal: Telescopic Mascara Duo Adhesive Lash Glue Super Nails Glitter: Sunset Black Radiance Pressed Powder: Ebony FX Blush: Garner ( but feel free to use a Milani baked blush as a budget friendly substitute or whatever you may have in your collection) Milani Color Statement Pencil: True Red MAC: Ruby Woo (use whatever you already have or Milani Best Red matte lipstick) Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme: Burnt Amber

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


A little spring couture never hurt nobody. These are definitely my favorite picks from the Atelier Versace 2014 Spring  Couture Collection. Enjoy!

Photo Credits: Atelier Versace for Style

Friday, April 4, 2014


Spring is here. Spring is finally here. Colors are the most exciting thing about spring and I wanted to share with you all what to expect for this season.


Monday, March 31, 2014

Vintage Saves the Day

Recently, I attended church and it was the First Fruit offering Sunday. It was an extremely powerful service. I left feeling like I could accomplish almost anything this year. This is my first time learning about the First Fruit offering and its direct link to your household, finances, and opportunities. I wasn't able to give an astronomical amount, but I did have a conversation with God and he told me what to give. I am expecting to give even more next year. Slowly but surely, I am understanding the principle of giving. Give and it shall come back to you.

                            Wearing: Top-Vintage, Skirt-Limited, Shoes- Victoria Secret

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Current Hair Favorites

Lately, I have been experimenting with a lot of hair care products to achieve my goals of healthy and attractive hair. I have come across some hit and misses on this hair journey of mine. I also have rediscovered a few in my beauty supply closet. I filmed a vlog of my current favorites to share with you all.. I hope you all find this video informative and decide to try a product or two.

Products Reviewed:

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner

Raw Shea Butter

365 Organic Refined Coconut Oil

365 Peppermint Essesntial Oil click link for similar item

One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment 

Gold N Hot Jet Bonnet Dryer

Salon Care Curved Perm Rods

Monday, March 24, 2014


I recently discovered that stripes are trending for Spring 2014 after perusing the websites of my favorite bloggers, Atlantic-Pacific and Brooklyn Blonde. I am not a trendy person at all when it comes to clothes, but I love staying current and informed on what the trends are, mainly for blogging purposes. I can always count on these two blogs to keep me in the know.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I absolutely love makeup and especially wearing it in the spring season. You can play around with so many audacious  colors and techniques. I am super excited to be sharing this makeup tutorial with you all.


Monday, March 17, 2014


This morning I cut up all my credit cards. I wrote down the account number of each card in my financial journal so I would never have an excuse to keep them for reference. It has been a long time coming but I felt like it was time to let go of what will only hold me back from my financial goals. YES, I want the perfect wardrobe. YES, I want an amazing shoe, purse, and accessory collection. YES, I want an outlandish makeup collection. But, I also want to be debt free. These cards will only keep me slave to the lender and I refuse to be a slave to anyone. I first signed up for these SLAVE cards thinking I would pay the balance off in no time, but I was severely lying to myself. Sure, the first couple of times were easy, but as my impulses began to increase so did the balances on each card. Every month I dread having to make another payment. It is so much more easy just to say "I CANT AFFORD THIS" and put the merchandise DOWN. Even taking the hit of purchasing something you really can't afford, but still using CASH to pay feels better than putting it on a DEATH card. The outcome will likely bruise you, but at least you don't have debt. My new motto is: IF I CAN'T PAY CASH WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY ABOUT IT THAN I CAN'T AFFORD IT. AND I'M NOT PURCHASING IT. POINT BLANK PERIOD. NO AND(S), IF(S), OR BUT(S) ABOUT IT. So if no SLAVE cards equates to little to no shopping, traveling, and dining out, then so be it. I will live my life on a budget and I will follow that budget until ain't jack left. Once I am debt free I can pretty much buy anything, within reason of course.  I won't be so  financially immobilized by all this debt that I am currently in. I am building my wardrobe for my  next stage of life at a glacial pace and it is because I am not DEBT-FREE. My next stage of life is critically important. It is very important for me to be fly in my late 20's and 30's. I want to set the standard for women in their 30s when it comes to style and beauty. And my efforts are being ruined at this critical time in life. I CAN'T STAND IT, I HATE IT!!! I DESPISE NOT BEING ABLE TO SHOP THE WAY I WANT TO, OR EVEN CREATE A DECENT BUDGET FOR CLOTHING. AND FOR WHAT, BECAUSE I AM IN DEBT, DEBT, DEBT, DEBT, DEBT!!!! Sometimes you just have to SCREAM the TRUTH  out loud so you can make that necessary CHANGE. Well, I have had it. I am officially sick and tired of being sick and tired.

 The same thing goes with student loans, if I can't cash flow the tuition then the education just is not for me that season. I will never use a student loan to buy anything ever again not even to be a student. ( YEP, THAT WAS DEEP, JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING THAT I QUOTED FROM DAVE RAMSEY.) So I guess that means I won't be going to graduate school. Yep, I said it and you can bite my toe if you just grimaced at that last statement. 105 K is enough to make me swear off the higher learning education system for a lifetime. But, I won't do that . I'll simply pay my student loans off in the next 4 years and change my family tree. I will then explain to my children that student loan debt or any debt of any kind is evil and you will never have the perfect wardrobe trying to pay them back. Had it not been for Dave Ramsey I would have never come to this point in my life. I THANK GOD FOR HIM EVERY DAY. He really does live out his PURPOSE to the fullest and it only inspires me to be GREAT and DEBT FREE.  P.S. DEATH TO A FICO SCORE...You don't really need them anyways.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Spring Skirt Inspiration

These skirts are definitely giving me spring wardrobe fever. Flowy A-lines and color rich pencil skirts all have a way with my heart come spring time. I will need to work in my Spring Shopping Budget very soon. I don't think I will be able to squeeze it in for March as I had planned to. Hopefully, April will be more promising.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Style & A Tithing Commitment

I attended church services today and I have to say it left me feeling empowered. I felt like I could accomplish anything under the WILL and FAVOR of GOD. This will happen if I continue to serve him and live out my purpose. Every time that I write a blog post or post a YouTube video, I know that I am on the right path to living out my purpose. As I maintain this stride on purpose, I have come to discover a few things that I need to do in order for me to be 100% successful on this journey.
1. I need a VISION
2. I need a PLAN
3. I need to be DEBT FREE
4. I need to TITHE
5. I need to be ORGANIZED
6. I need to seek WISDOM

I am extremely serious about #7. Dave Ramsey has helped me in so many ways that you couldn't even imagine, he has given me a blueprint for the emancipation from debt. He also motivated me to discuss fashion as well my journey of getting out of debt on my blog. The idea would have never crossed my mind, had it not been for him. He also explained why tithing is so important. No one has ever explained to me why I should tithe and how it allows you to plant seeds for your future.He makes the idea of giving seem so cheerful  and without any regret. The last two weeks have been a bit challenging for me to tithe, but I always feel convicted every time I think about not tithing. Today, my Pastor discussed the benefits of tithing in great detail and it motivated me to rededicate myself to tithing. I want to be a cheerful giver. I want to be consistent. I want to TITHE and be DEBT FREE. I picked up several hours in overtime next week. I am hoping to get some traction on my Victoria Secret credit card. I think I am going to finally cut all of my credit cards up. There is no point of having them in that shoe box anymore. I don't want them EVER again.

The weather is really inconsistent in Nebraska and it plays tricks with your eyes. When it looks like its warm its really cold and when it looks like its cold it is warm.  Just when you start to think it is getting warm out, it QUICKLY turns frigid. Today was one of those days where it looked really cold, but when you stepped outside you could feel spring peeking its temperatures through.I still wore my vintage mustard yellow coat embellished with fur, because its so gorgeous and I don't know when I will have the chance to wear it again. I love going to church and more importantly I love dressing up for Church. I love it now more than ever before, because I get to be stylish and modern. I use to hate dressing for Church, because there were way too many rules about what you could and couldn't wear. Most women just looked plain OLD and Matronly. And if they did have style it was really "CHURCHY". I grew up COGIC and I was forced to wear dresses pretty much every day of my life until I turned 10. I was always discouraged from wearing clothes that revealed my figure and legs. I grew up having an attitude of contempt for the Church and their dress code. Later on in life I got over my disdain for Church, but I never got over their dress code. Sometimes I still struggle with what is too conservative and not too revealing. God gave us these figures for a reason and as long as it is tasteful why shouldn't we wear a dress that compliments our shape. I want to be the EPITOME of what a stylish KINGDOM WOMAN looks like. I want to show all women and even little girls that you can serve God and still have style too. I WANT and NEED to do this, because when I was growing up, no one showed me that serving GOD was FLY!

Wearing: Coat-Vintage, Dress-Tahari, Shoes- Nine West, Scarf-J C Penny, Hosiery- West Loop for Walgreens

Thursday, March 6, 2014

White Collar and Florals

White collar blouses and A-line skirts are two of my favorite pieces to combine together. The combo screams "CLASSIC". I always feel so dainty and sophisticated when I pair the two together. This outfit was crafted with the First Lady in mind. I was also inspired by the sophisticated women that would shop in the Better Dresses Department at Von Maur. I remember one LADY in particular who walked in with her quality crisp white collar blouse and a full A-line skirt.I never forgot her or her outfit. I was only 22 when I started working there, and that was the season I fell in love with dresses and skirts. It was then that I discovered  a  LADY. I declared that a LADY wears dresses. I really wanted to be LADY. I mean the true essence of a LADY. I also really admire Michelle Obama for her personal style and sophistication, and I really pull a lot of inspiration from her looks. Her wardrobe is impeccable. I wish I could wake up to her closet every morning. Of course, I would put my own little spin on things, but the wardrobe would definitely be the foundation.


 Wearing: Blouse-Chaps for Khols, Skirt-Elle for Khols, Shoes-Nine West, Necklace-Express and Belt-Banana Republic

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